Compliance and Rangers

We have inspection, monitoring and enforcement responsibilities to ensure compliance with various state laws and AlburyCity policies covering a wide range of activities.

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    Animal Management

    Be aware of the rules for responsible and community-friendly pet ownership.

    Read more about Animal Management

  • Controlled Burning

    Controlled Burning

    Find out about permits for controlled burning.

    Read more about Controlled Burning

  • Development Control

    Development Control and Illegal Works

    Find out what development control means and why it’s important service for our community.

    Read more about Development Control and Illegal Works

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    Find out how to pay Council fines (penalty infringement notices).

    Read more about Fines

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    Parking Management

    Find out about Albury’s parking options and regulations.

    Read more about Parking Management

  • Street and Outdoor Activities

    Street and Outdoor Activities

    Find out what special approvals and permits you need to conduct certain activities in Albury streets and outdoor areas.

    Read more about Street and Outdoor Activities