Request Permission for Tree Works

As a homeowner, you are responsible for looking after the trees on your property. However, under NSW law you need to get Council approval to prune or remove any tree that’s over 4.5m tall or has branches more than 3m long.

How to apply for tree works

To request approval, please use the Tree Preservation Order application form and fact sheet. There are no fees involved.

Once you’ve submitted the application form, you’ll hear from us within 10 working days whether it’s OK to go ahead.

How we decide whether to approve tree works

To decide whether to approve a Tree Preservation Order application, our Arborist considers:

  • how healthy the tree is and if there’s a risk of damage or injury if it isn’t pruned or removed
  • if it suits the growing space and conditions
  • its aesthetic value and impact on the local landscape
  • any structural damage it’s causing to utilities and Council and/or other assets
  • if it’s native and part of a local endangered ecological community
  • its habitat value of the tree for animals
  • its historical and cultural significance
  • if there’s an alternative to cutting it down, such as pruning branches or roots or installing root guards.