Study and plan process

The Floodplain Development Manual details a Floodplain Risk Management Process which is to be applied to ensure the proper management of flood prone lands through the preparation of floodplain risk management plans. The following are the steps which should be followed to ensure Floodplains are managed appropriately:

Floodplain Risk Management Process flow chart

Establishment of a Floodplain Risk Management Committee
  • Consisting of an elected member of Council, Council staff, community representatives, Office of Environment and Heritage representatives and SES representatives
Data Collection and Flood Studies
  • Determines the nature and extent of flooding in a catchment
Floodplain Risk Management Study
  • Evaluates management options for the floodplain in respect of both existing and future development
Floodplain Risk Management Plan
  • Adopted preferred management plan for the floodplain
Plan Implementation
  • Development and implementation of mitigation works and administrative controls to manage the floodplains.