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We’ll work hard to deliver the most enjoyable and well maintained city for our community.
Image of toilet symbols
Public Toilet Strategy

2021/2022 Budget: $1.7M

Completion: December 2021

Following extensive public consultation in 2020, we’re embarking on a major program to replace or upgrade some of the city’s public toilet facilities, with funding support from the Federal Government.

Image of the LibraryMusuem
Cultural Collection Database Upgrade

2021/2022 Budget: $50,000

Completion: June 2022

This project will deliver an upgrade of our museums collection database.

Image of the water filtration plant
Water Filtration Plant – Fluoride Plant Upgrade

Total budget: $360,000

Completion: June 2021

This year, we will undertake a major project to upgrade the fluoride systems at Water Filtration Plant A and B.

Wagga Road Revitalisation

Total budget: $4.5M

Completion: June 2020

Important works to make Lavington a more attractive place to live, invest and do business will begin in January 2020 with the start of stage two of the Wagga Road beautification project.

Image of a dog at an off-leash area
Thurgoona Leash Free Area

2020/2021 Budget: $85,000

Total budget: $85,000

Completion: June 2021

Every dog (and their owner) needs the freedom to exercise and socialise.

Image of crushed concrete
Albury Recycling Centre – New machinery

Total budget: $400,000

Completion: Throughout 2021

In our push to promote recycling, we are purchasing new machinery for the Albury Recycling Centre.

Image of one of the Rangers
Body worn cameras

2021/2022 Budget: $14,500

Completion: June 2022

As part of ongoing efforts to keep our community and staff safe, we’re introducing body-worn cameras for our rangers.

Thurgoona Link Road

2020/2021 Budget: $1M

Total budget: $1M

Completion: TBA

We have been progressing plans for the development of the Thurgoona Link Road Project to provide the transport infrastructure needed to meet the rapid growth of Thurgoona-Wirlinga in the years ahead.

Girl at the library
Library books stock acquisition fund

2021/2022 Budget: 212,226

Completion: June 2022

This project will provide our community with new library collection items, including books and DVDs.

Image of a girl in a public place using a laptop
Smart ideas

2021/2022 Budget: $125,000

Completion: TBA

As part of our work to ensure Albury catches the technology wave of the future, we’re embarking on a series of ‘smart city’ improvements.

Generic shot of Albury streetscape
Accessibility upgrades

2021/2022 Budget: $24,000

Completion: June 2022

This project will focus on modifying Council buildings to ensure easier access for everyone.

Image of CCTV cameras
Lavington CCTV System

2021/2022 Budget: $678,500

Completion: December 2021

During 2021, in partnership with the NSW Police we have been working on expanding our Public CCTV system into Lavington.

Image of sewer pipes
Brooklyn Fields Stage 3 and Lipsett SPS Gravity Main

2021/2022 Budget: $2.5M

Completion: June 2022

This project will ensure sewage infrastructure is available for the future development of new residential estates.

Image of CCTV cameras
Additional CCTV Cameras in Dean Street

Total budget: $60,000

Completion: December 2021

We have installed additional CCTV cameras in the city centre to eliminate viewing blackspots and improve police capabilities.

Image of cyclists riding
CBD Bike Loop Construction

Total budget: $500,000

Completion: December 2022

This exciting project will see dedicated on-road bike paths implemented in the Albury CBD, providing connectivity to existing and future off-road paths and trails.

Image of Glenmorus Gardnes
Glenmorus Gardens – Beam Installation

2021/2022 Budget: $80,000

Completion: June 2022

In the upcoming financial year, we’ll continue an important project to improve the appearance of Glenmorus Gardens.

Image of the Arrival door at the Airport
Airport safety improvements

2020/2021 Budget: $505,000

Total budget: $505,000

Completion: June 2021

Council will this year begin the installation of a body scanner and multi-view X-ray machine at the airport security check-in area.

Image of water
Bulk Water Filling Stations

Total budget: $180,000

Completion: May 2021

This project will involve the installation of two additional automated prepaid bulk water filling stations.

Image of the Wilson Street Car park
Wilson Street Car Park

2020/2021 Budget:

Total budget: $200,000

Completion: June 2021

In the upcoming year, we’ll be conducting a feasibility study into whether at least one more deck can built on top of the Wilson Street car park.

Elizabeth Mitchell Drive intersection upgrade

2020/2021 Budget: $3.74M

Total budget: $3.74M

Completion: June 2021

The finishing touches are being applied to the new Elizabeth Mitchell Drive-Thurgoona Drive intersection.

Image of parked cars
Parking Sensor Trial

2021/2022 Budget: $100,000

Completion: June 2021

As part of our commitment to making our ‘smart community’ more livable and sustainable, we’re trialing parking sensors.

Keene Street – Reconstruction

2021/2022 Budget: $1.65M

Total budget: $1.65M

Completion: August 2021

The reconstruction of Keene Street in East Albury has been completed, providing a smoother, safer road for motorists and pedestrians.

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