New youth leaders at the helm

A new generation of young people is ready to take a lead, following the election of AlburyCity’s 2019-20 Youth Council.

The thirteen teenagers will work to raise the profile of the city’s young people while tackling a range of issues such as mental health, bullying and drug and alcohol problems.

The Youth Councillors will work closely with council to promote youth issues within the community, including actions identified in the city’s youth strategy.

They will elect a Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor on 15 May.

The 2019 Youth Councillors are:

  • Stefany George, 15
  • Libbity Alexander, 18
  • Jack Jorgenson, 15
  • Paige Double, 15
  • Genevieve Child, 15
  • Tabitha Macdonald, 16
  • Isabella Rose Towner, 15
  • Jack Kelso, 13
  • Alana Diver, 16
  • Jessie Lord, 13
  • Caleb Safari, 17
  • Zachary Reid, 14
  • Lois Beloved, 14