Clean Up Graffiti Day

As part of the annual State wide Graffiti Removal Day, AlburyCity’s Youth Council and local Rotary clubs get together to clean up selected sites around the Albury area. Clean Up Graffiti Day usually takes place in late October each year and encourages the local community to volunteer some time to help remove and prevent graffiti.

Youth Councillors have used the day to make anti-graffiti presentations at their school which address issues such as the cost of cleaning up graffiti in our city and the legal ramifications and impacts of being caught creating graffiti.

Street Art

AlburyCity has also implemented a number of art projects to brighten up particular areas and to deter vandals from painting tags and graffiti on walls. The art projects in both Townsend Street and Springdale Heights have allowed young people to express themselves in a positive way through their artwork, and given Council an opportunity to work closely with the community to identify other youth led projects.

Springdale Heights mural detail

Young artist Erin Macdonald and Cr David Thurley in front of Erin's artwork