Public Safety

Public safety is one of the most important priorities for AlburyCity. We’re constantly working with police, health providers, community groups and other agencies to find ways of making our city even safer, ensuring residents and visitors can enjoy everything Albury offers with the highest-possible level of security.

As part of that aim, we’re begun a comprehensive assessment of crime and safety perceptions in public places across Lavington’s business and shopping precinct.

Throughout March 2019 we have been seeking feedback on how the community views safety issues, identifying any problems that might exist and working towards improvements that will not only make people feel safer, but also actively reduce crime and other risks in the area.

We began at the Lavington Square shopping centre to gather information on how the community views safety issues and then door knocked businesses in the area to get their views. We have now begun the process of putting it all together.

The information we have gathered will now help us to work with police and other groups to plan crime-prevention strategies and/or the development of new services to provide lasting solutions and ensure the area is as safe as it can be.