Housing and accommodation services

The main point of contact for housing-related assistance is YES Unlimited at 562 Macauley Street, Albury.

02 6058 6200 or 1800 885 355

Services that are offered by YES Unlimited include:

  • Accommodation and Homelessness Services
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Specialist Centrelink Advice
  • Tenants Advice
  • Community Legal Service
  • Youth and Women's Refuges
  • The Hive

If YES Unlimited is unable to provide assistance they will refer you to a service that can.

Emergency housing

Contact YES Unlimited. Freecall T: 1800 885 355


Are you homeless or think you will become homeless in Albury or its surrounding areas?

Contact YES Unlimited 1800 885 355 and they can assist to:

  • Meet your immediate needs and work towards your long term goals
  • Prevent you from becoming homeless
  • Access crisis accommodation
  • Find safe, stable and secure accommodation

Ask Izzy

  • Ask Izzy is a free, anonymous and location-based online directory that will help find food, shelter, health and other critical support services for people who are experiencing homelessness in the community.