My Community Project Grant

The 'My Community Project' is a new initiative by the NSW Government to improve the wellbeing of people and communities in NSW. This funding will be distributed equally across all 93 NSW electorates and applicants can seek between $20,000 and $200,000 for their project.

Q. How does it work?

If you have an idea to improve your local community you can put your idea forward to a sponsor. It might be new playground equipment or sports facilities for the kids, paths or ramps to improve access, an art installation to rejuvenate an empty space or a community transport service.

You will need to have a sponsor to approve the project and work with you through the application process. To find out more on the full process please go to the My Community Project website

Q. Who can be a sponsor?

Reach out to an organisation that will be able to run the project if your project is successful. For example, it could be your local council, school, charity, Aboriginal Land Council, or cultural or sports club. Your sponsor will receive the funding if you are successful and be responsible for delivering the project.

Q. Do you want Council to be a sponsor?

If you want Council to sponsor your project you will need to provide us with the following information.

  • Does your project align with AlburyCity's strategic plan?
  • Have you reviewed the guidelines and is the project eligible?
  • Is your project on Council owned/managed land?
  • Do you think the identified project can be completed in 12 months after the successful projects are announced (September 2019)?
  • Have you thought about a project plan and tasks required to complete the project?
  • How much is your project going to cost and is there any other income available?
  • Do you have any quotations for your project?
  • What is the My Community Project category for your project?

The more information you provide us will better assist us to determine if we will be a sponsor.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of projects my organisation can sponsor?

While there is no formal limit to the number of projects an organisation can sponsor, it is important for us as Council to sponsor projects that we will be able to deliver, should they receive funding. The information that you provide us will assist us to determine which projects we can sponsor.

Q. When do I need to get my project to the sponsor and when do the applications close

You will need to have your project to your sponsor in plenty of time for them to complete the sponsor section of the application. The cut off day for us to receive your project is Friday 3 May 2019. Grant application closes on 15 May 2019

Q. Who do I contact in Council if I have an idea for a project?

If you want Council to be a sponsor you must contact Council prior to completing the application form. Joy Peach will be the council contact for your idea. Joy can take your details and pass it onto the most appropriate person in Council. Joy can be contacted on 6023 8111 or email

For more information on the grant


Phone: 13 77 88

Website: My Community Project