Home owner or renting?

You can operate your own family day care business in your own home or in a rental property. if you are renting all you will need to do is get written consent from the real estate agent and the landlord stating that it is OK for you to operate your family day care business.

If you are renting and need to provide your landlord with further information about Family Day Care the Tenants that Care brochure will assist you.

Changes to my home

At Albury Family Day Care we have developed a Workplace Safety Assessment which is guided by the Education and Care Services  Regulations, the National Quality Standards and our service Policies to help determine if your home is safe for children. We will work through this process with you.

Some changes that may be needed could include:

  • Making sure you have a securely fenced backyard that has unscaleable fencing.
  • Any glass in the home that is below .50 cm measured from the floor will need to be either already toughened glass or safety filmed by an authorised person.
  • Safety locks on cupboards that contain cleaning products and or chemicals that need to be kept out of reach of children.
  • You will need to put house plans and emergency procedures at every exit of your home.
  • You will need to have a notice board with specific information about FDC and your service displayed eg menu, service provider information.

Working with Children Checks

As a new educator with Albury Family Day Care you will need to complete a Working With Children Check and have a cleared status before you can commence caring for children in your home.

If you have family members, including a spouse, partner and children living in your home who are over 18 years of age they will be required to complete a Working With Children Check. The checks will need to occur prior to commencing as an educator.

Pets in the home

If you have pets you can still be an educator. Whilst you are working, your pet will need to be kept in their own area away from the children who are in your care.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance is mandatory for all educators. If a child or other person is injured or their property is damaged as a result of your work, you may be found 'unintentionally negligent' and a public liability claim may be brought against you. Should this occur Public Liability Insurance will have you covered.

Family Day Care Australia has more information for all insurance enquiries.

Visitors in your home

When you are working as a Family Day Care educator you will be able to have visitors in your home. Your visitors will be required to sign a visitor register when they enter your home. They will need to state their name, reason for visit and the time they arrived and left your home. This is a requirement of the National Regulations and our Visitor Policy.

My own children

If you have your own children who are under 13 years of age they will need to be included in your ratios.

The National Regulations will enable you to provide care for up to four children under school age and three children who are school age, up to 13 years of age.

Example 1

If you have one child who is under school age then you can provide care for another three children under school age as well as three children who are over school age.

Example 2

If you have one child who is under school age and another child who attends school and is under 13 years of age then you can provide care to

  • Three children who are under school age; and
  • Two children who are over school age and under 13 years of age