Pensioners & concession card holders let us help you keep track of your best mate

We’ve teamed up with the RSPCA to ease the financial burden of having your pet microchipped, registered and desexed.

Bring your pet to the Logan Road Off-Leash Area, North Albury on Sunday 2 June 2019 between 10am - 2pm and register for:

  • Free microchipping
  • Free registration
  • Subsidised desexing

Who is eligible?

If you meet the following requirements you are eligible to access the program:

  • you are a resident of Albury
  • you hold a blue pensioner or low-income health care card
  • you attend our 'Keep track of your best mate' community event listed above
  • you complete the required registration forms and documentation

Proof of pensioner concession or a valid health care card is to be provided on the day to access the program.
The program is limited to two companion animals per household.

How much will it cost?

Partnering with the RSPCA allows us to provide the discounted desexing rate.
If you participate in the program the cost is $30 per cat and $40 per dog for desexing, paid directly to the vet on the day of your appointment.

How can I participate in the program?

  • attend one of the 'Keep track of your best mate' events and:
    • complete the application form and provide proof of pensioner concession or valid low-income health care card
    • have your cat or dog microchipped by one of our Council Rangers
    • book your cat or dog to be desexed with one of our participating vets
  • take your pet to its desexing appointment at the vets
  • once we have received confirmation from the vet that the desexing has been completed, we will register your pet and send out the registration certificate to you.

My pet is already desexed, can I still access free registration and microchipping?

Yes you can, all you need to do is provide proof of desexing.

Can I get my pet desexed, but not registered or microchipped?

No, all pets that are desexed must also be registered and microchipped.

Can I get my pet registered and microchipped, but not desexed?

You can access free microchipping at one of our 'Keep track of your best mate' events, but you won't be eligible for free registration unless your pet is desexed.