What's the harm?

AlburyCity is in the midst of a new campaign designed to protect people and pets from dog attacks.

Called “What’s the Harm?, the campaign was launched in response to a rise in the number of dog attacks on people and other animals last year.

We want to reduce that rate by encouraging owners to think about the harm that might be caused if they let their dogs off the leash, fail to properly socialise their pets, or allow them to escape from their homes.

Even the most mild-mannered dog can attack if it feels threatened or provoked, which is why it’s critical that owners keep their furry friends under control in public places.

Allowing your dog off its leash could cost you a $330 fine, while the fine for a dog that attacks is even heftier at $1320. But our rangers would much prefer not to fine anyone, which is why we’re asking for co-operation in keeping dogs under control, safe in enclosed areas at home, and properly socialised so they’re less likely to fight.

Of course, we want you and your dog to enjoy the outdoors together which is why we’ve developed a number of off-leash parks for pooches to play. They’re great places for pets and owners to have fun!

So, please do the right thing when you’re out and about with your dogs - but if you do see dogs or owners behaving badly, it’s important to let us know. You can contact the council with dog complaints on 02 6023 8 111 during business hours or 1300 133 391 after hours.

Responsible pet ownership

Responsible pet ownership and social interaction can be a positive experience for everyone. Our policies and services balance the needs of pets and their owners with the needs of the whole community.

Our Companion Animal Management Plan explains how we keep pets and people safe and sets out your responsibilities as a pet owner.