Painted pooches beautify park

The back of a netball shelter which borders the Logan Rd off-leash park has been transformed by artist Kade Sarte and the magic of his spray cans. The hope was to turn an ugly and badly defaced wall into something to inspire and delight pet owners walking their dogs in this dedicated off-leash dog area.

Kade has worked with council to create this mural which depicts two of the cutest and happiest dogs around town. He has chosen a green theme to fit with the environment and teamed this up with an abstract background of shapes to cover the large area.

The degree of difficulty in painting this wall was high because it is corrugated iron and has a rippled surface, makes the finished artwork all that more impressive. It is very hard to use a spray can tilted on its side, to try to compensate the lack of flat surface, and produce continuous, straight lines, let alone shading and the level of detail that Kade has achieved.

When you stand and look at the mural, change your position, move back and take it in from a distance, the realism of the dogs’ faces is incredible. Then, look at it closer up and you will see the detail of the spray can. A little insider’s tip is the use of the spray can lid to create the whiskers on the pooches.

When you really look at this painting it is a true work of art, created by an Albury local for us all to enjoy.