Microchipping is essential

Under the Companion Animals Act 1988 you must have your dog or cat microchipped before they’re 12 weeks old. This enables you to keep track of your best mate.

What is microchipping?

It’s a minor procedure in which a small microchip is inserted under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades.

Where can I get my pet microchipped?

Any authorised implanter (a vet or an animal welfare organisation) can microchip your cat or dog.

Is there any paperwork?

The authorised implanter will ask you to complete a permanent identification P1A form. They or you should then send the form to AlburyCity Compliance Team, PO Box 323, Albury NSW 2640. Our rangers enter the details into the NSW Pet Registry and then send you a certificate of identification.

This certificate will include the microchip number, which you’ll need to provide when you register your pet.

What if my pet was microchipped in another state?

If your dog or cat was microchipped elsewhere and you move to NSW, you will need to register your pet in NSW. To have your microchipping details updated, complete a permanent identification P1A form and submit to your local vet or council.

I've adopted a pet

If you adopt a pet from a shelter or another owner, ask your vet to confirm that they’re already microchipped and update your contact details on the register.