Native wildlife

Injured native wildlife

If you come across an injured or sick native animal, please contact the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Educations Service (WIRES) or the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service.

Venomous snakes

Albury is home to a number of venomous snakes. Occasionally one may make its way into your backyard or your home, or gate-crash your fun at a park or picnic area.

There's no need to panic if this happens. Don't try to move or harm the snake; just keep an eye on it while you phone for expert help.

  • If you're at home or other private premises, contact an Albury or Wodonga based snake catcher - we suggest Chris Porter on 0402 175 513.
  • If you're in a high-profile public park (Noreuil Park, Oddies Creek Play Space etc.), please contact us.

Can I have a native animal as a pet?

It's not a good idea to keep native animals as pets.  As the RSPCA states, such animals are "adapted to the wild, and rarely enjoy human company or handling and are predominantly nocturnal in their habits".