Albury Cemeteries

AlburyCity owns and manages three cemeteries and a crematorium. 

Our compassionate staff can assist with arranging burials (lawn and monumental), cremations and memorials for ashes and help families select from the various options for personalised memorialisation and plaque wording.

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    Our Cemeteries and Crematorium

    Our three cemeteries are Waugh Road, Pioneer and Glenmorus Memorial Gardens which also houses our crematorium and is the main office for Albury Cemeteries.

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  • lawn cemetery at Glenmorus Gardens


    We have burial options available at each of our cemeteries ranging from full monumental to lawn sites.

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  • Cremation

    Our Crematorium Chapel is located in the beautiful grounds of Glenmorus Memorial Gardens. Let our caring staff help you through the cremation process.

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    A memorial is an enduring tribute to a person’s life. It provides comfort and support to families and friends as they reflect on the life that was.

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    Pre-paid options

    We provide a range of options for pre-paid burials, cremations and memorials. Having pre-paid arrangements in place will help ease the burden of decision-making on your family, both emotionally and financially.

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    Family history

    Use our online mapping tool to locate a grave or memorial based on a person’s first name and/or surname.

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    Make an enquiry

    If you haven't been able to find the information you're seeking from the website, we encourage you to use this enquiry form.

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