Outdoor Dining, Vending & Advertising

AlburyCity has a dynamic mix of retail businesses that come together to create a unique dining and shopping experience. On street dining and vending help to create this culture. See below for key information about obtaining approval.

Policy & Guidelines

To undertake Outdoor Dining, Street Vending or Street Advertising on the footpath you are required to familiarise yourself with the following AlburyCity Policies and Guidelines:

Application Process

Complete this application form if you are seeking approval for:

  • Outdoor Dining;
  • Street Vending; and/or
  • Street Advertising.

Submit the application form to Council along with all supporting documentation and pay the once off application fee (where applicable).

Applications will then be publicly notified (where applicable) and assessed by Council. Upon approval, applicants are required to pay the annual fee for the activity to be undertaken.

Applicants must agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the approval under the relevant policy and guidelines.

Download the Application Form

For further information, please contact the Natural Environment Administrator on 02 6023 8111 or email info@alburycity.nsw.gov.au.