Building in a bushfire prone area

Bushfire hazards have been identified in parts of Albury where there is potential for a bushfire to spread from vegetated areas into residential lands.

These areas have been mapped and the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Natural Resources have prepared the controls placed upon development. 

Planning for Bushfire Protection

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has reviewed Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2001 and has released a revised document, Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006
This is now the standard for development in bushfire prone areas and also provides information on construction levels required to build or renovate in bushfire prone areas.
The new document has sought to: 

  • Update the guidelines in relation to legislation, performance based development controls and land-use planning.
  • improve the scope of the document, particularly in relation to "infill development" and tourist accommodation
  • refine construction requirements and elaborate on the methods of determining bush fire attack under AS3959-1999
  • Provide greater guidance on requirements for special fire protection purposes, in particular tourist accommodation.

For advice on exempt and complying development within bushfire prone lands please contact AlburyCity to discuss your specific requirements.

For information relating to building in a bushfire prone area, click on a link below (this will direct you to the NSW Rural Fire Services website):

For further information, please contact the Hume Zone of the Rural Fire Service by phone on 02 6023 1999.