East Albury Industrial Precinct Masterplan

The East Albury Industrial Precinct Hub Masterplan was prepared by RPS Australia and provides an illustrative layout, design controls and development plan for the future development of the East Albury Industrial Precinct.

This plan outlines strategies to maximise the development potential of the land and create a high quality light industrial estate, together with a bulky goods site catering for the growth and demand of this sector.

The Masterplan objectives are:

  • Identify the future development layout;
  • Facilitate appropriate and quality industrial development;
  • Guide the relocation of the existing AlburyCity depots;
  • Enable co-location of similar services and facilities;
  • Identify road connections and treatments with the Riverina Highway with consideration to existing uses such as the Albury Airport; and
  • Examine alternative complementary uses.

The East Albury Industrial Precinct Masterplan (as amended) has been adopted as a formal Appendix to the Albury Development Control Plan 2010.

Obtaining the Document

Download the East Albury Industrial Precinct Masterplan:

For further information about the East Albury Industrial Precinct Masterplan, or to request a hard copy of this document (this will be at the a cost to the person requesting in accordance with standard print costs), please contact AlburyCity's Customer Service Centre on 02 6023 8111.