Thurgoona/Wirlinga: East West Connector Road Review 

The Thurgoona Wirlinga Precinct Structure Plan (TWPSP) was endorsed by Council on Monday, 26 November 2012. The Structure Plan investigated and identified future urban development patterns, lot yields, infrastructure provision, environmental considerations and transport networks, which will accommodate a population of up to 50,000 residents over a 50 year timeframe.

With any future growth area, the provision of, and planning for, infrastructure is critical and the Structure Plan included specific reference to the planning for and the provision of transportation networks. As a result, one of the key recommendations of the TWPSP was the identification of an 'area subject to further investigation for an east-west connector road'.

Consequently, the 'Thurgoona Wirlinga East West Connector Road Review' was prepared to determine the need for, and most appropriate alignment of, any future east west connector road.

This road alignment was assessed against the following criteria:

  • Environmental Impacts;
  • Constructability;
  • Safety of Road Users;
  • Traffic Efficiency; and
  • Socio-Economic.

Having undertaken the detailed investigations, a preferred alignment was chosen from five (5) different options, which has resulted in the development of a hybrid option (Option 6) comprising the western part of Option 4 and the Eastern part of Option 5.

Community Consultation

The East-West Connector Road Review was publicly exhibited from 29 March 2014 to 5 May 2014. In response to the public exhibition period, 36 submissions were received including 29 from the general public (including a petition signed by approximately 273 people), 5 from Government agencies and two from various community or interest groups.

Council Decision

Given the weight of submissions received and issues raised and in the absence of a substantial traffic benefit being demonstrated from the construction and eventual operation of an East West Connector Road against the comparable environmental, economic and socio-economic costs identified, Council at its meeting dated 14 July 2014, decided to not proceed with the East West Connector Road.

At this meeting, Council instead resolved to consult with the NSW Roads and Maritime Service in the preparation of an 'Interchange Strategy' so as to determine future traffic demands and network requirements Citywide, which will inform any upgrades/augmentation to the road network, particularly overpasses and interchanges.

Obtaining the documents

A copy of the Council Meeting Report and public exhibition documentation are available for download below: