Albury and Lavington CBD Master Plans

The Albury and Lavington CBD Master Plans were prepared by a design team led by Allen Jack + Cottier, in association with Oculus, Hill PDA and JPT. They are based on extensive community consultation and feedback over a ten month period.

The purpose of these Master Plans is to:

  • Provide a long term planning framework for both the CBD's;
  • Improve the public face of the CBD's at their entry points;
  • Improve the public open space;
  • Reinforce Albury and Lavington's role at the top of the regional hierarchy; and
  • Grow the CBD's in a cohesive manner.

Obtaining the Documents

The Albury and Lavington CBD Master Plans were endorsed by Council on Monday 28 September 2009. The final versions of these reports are now available for download:

Albury CBD Master Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategies & Initiatives
  3. Implementation & Appendix

Lavington CBD Master Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategies & Initiatives
  3. Implementation & Appendix

For further information about the Albury and Lavington CBD Master Plans, or to request a hard copy of these documents (this will be at the a cost to the person requesting in accordance with standard print costs), please contact AlburyCity's Customer Service Centre on 02 6023 8111.

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a document that describes, in words and with maps, an overall development concept including present property uses, as well as future land and infrastructure plans.

A Master Plan is many things to many people but essentially it is a strategic plan that sets broad guidelines to guide future development. Building projects, public spaces or street beautification works are assessed against the Master Plan, and while it seeks to guide and encourage future development it does not guarantee where nor when works will take place.

The Master Plan is not a static document. As time goes on the expectations, needs and demands of the local community change and therefore the document needs to include a review period. The Master Plan will be reviewed annually with 3 yearly updates and a further major review after 10 years.

Why do we need a Master Plan?

Existing controls have different approaches to encouraging and regulating development.  This situation can be confusing for the community, Council and developers.

The appearance and use of the Albury and Lavington CBDs is constantly changing. Over the last 5 to 10 years there have been some substantial changes that are promoting new ideas and concepts across the urban fabric. Some of these ideas have been welcomed and embraced whilst others have generated opposition and objections.

There has been an increasing demand for more intensive commercial development in the CBD areas of Lavington and Albury and with this change new directions and impacts are being experienced.