Heritage Conservation Areas

Albury's sixteen heritage conservation areas are distinctive places. Each area contains a blend of historic buildings, parks and trees, monuments, artefacts, and dwellings of differing architectural styles and periods.
These places - Bonegilla, Botanic Gardens, Bungambrawatha Creek, St David's, David Street, Dean Street, Forrest Hill, Hanel Street, Holmwood Cross Kenilworth Street, Monument Hill Parklands, Mount Street, St Patricks, Railway, South Albury, Swift Street - have their own special character. Three of the conservation areas are further divided into precincts. The streetscapes within each area are managed through heritage development guidelines contained in Part 7 of the Albury DCP.
Botanic Gardens
Bungambrawatha Creek
St David's
David Street
Dean Street
Forrest Hill
Hanel Street
Holmwood Cross
Kenilworth Street
Monument Hill Parklands
Mount Street
St Patricks
South Albury
Swift Street

Part 7 of the Albury Development Control Plan (DCP) provides aims and objectives as well as matters for consideration in the assessment of Development Applications affecting Heritage Conservation Areas. Individual character statements, objectives and preferred development characteristics for each conservation area and precinct are also provided.

When developing in a heritage conservation area emphasis in the design stage should be given to harmonising with the surrounding area, streetscapes and building styles. It is not necessary to mimic other buildings however designs which fail to reflect the provisions of the conservation area may be extremely difficult to support.
Demolition within a heritage conservation area will need to be accompanied by detailed plans of the proposed replacement building.
If you have particular changes in mind you may wish to arrange a preliminary meeting with a Planning Officer prior to purchase to discuss your intentions. If you have rough sketches or plans of what you hope to do, please call 02 6023 8111 to arrange a meeting.