Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010

The Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010 (ALEP) is the legal planning document (comprising a Text Document and associated Maps) for the Albury Local Government Area that provides the rules and guidelines for the control of land (both private and public) through zoning. It aims to reduce possible conflict between adjoining land uses, and ensures that there is adequate land to meet the diverse needs of a viable city.

The ALEP aims to reinforce the importance of the existing business districts within the city, provide for a variety of residential uses across the city, as well as controlling development in the outer rural areas of Albury located north and west of the city. In addition the ALEP fosters a considered approach to infrastructure, transport and community planning as well as anticipating social and economic trends and the need to protect the environment.

The Minister for Planning made the ALEP on 13 August 2010.

Obtaining the document

The ALEP and Maps can be found using the following links:

Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010 - Maps

The ALEP is available from the Customer Service Centre, 553 Kiewa Street Albury. Please call 02 6023 8111 for prices and availability.