Albury Development Control Plan 2010

The Albury Development Control Plan 2010 (ADCP) is a supporting document that compliments the requirements contained within the Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010 (ALEP) and is comprised of a written document and associated maps.

The aim of the ADCP is to encourage and facilitate a high standard of design, minimise land use conflicts and clearly set out the processes, procedures and responsibilities of applicants and Council. It also seeks to protect heritage significance, encourage innovative design and ensure developments are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

The ADCP is comprised of a number of Parts (Chapters), Maps and Appendices and due to its size is available as a series of PDF files below:




Albury Landfill Buffer Area Maps

Awnings, Verandahs & Balconies Maps

Ettamogah Outline Development Plan Map

Flood Planning Area Map

Please refer to Part 6 Planning for Hazards in the Chapters section above for flood planning area maps.

Obstacle Limitation Surface Plan Maps


The ADCP is provided to assist you with the preparation of Development Applications. The provisions of the ADCP are largely assessment-based criteria, however some local circumstances may apply to any particular development site or proposal that warrant separate consideration outside of the ADCP.

Accordingly, compliance with the provisions does not guarantee development approval, nor will non compliance with the provisions necessarily result in refusal of an application.

Copies of the ADCP are available from the Customer Service Centre, 553 Kiewa Street Albury. Please call 02 6023 8111 for prices and availability.