Serviced Apartments/Boarding Houses, Backpackers Accommodation & Bed and Breakfast

Serviced Apartments

means a building (or part of a building) providing self-contained accommodation to tourists or visitors on a commercial basis and that is regularly serviced or cleaned by the owner or manager of the building or part of the building or the owner's or manager's agents.

Boarding Houses

means a building that:

  • (a)  is wholly or partly let in lodgings, and
  • (b)  provides lodgers with a principal place of residence for 3 months or more, and
  • (c)  may have shared facilities, such as a communal living room, bathroom, kitchen or laundry, and
  • (d)  has rooms, some or all of which may have private kitchen and bathroom facilities, that accommodate one or more lodgers,

but does not include backpackers' accommodation, a group home, hotel or motel accommodation, seniors housing or a serviced apartment.

Backpackers Accommodation

means a building or place that:

  • (a)  provides temporary or short-term accommodation on a commercial basis, and
  • (b)  has shared facilities, such as a communal bathroom, kitchen or laundry, and
  • (c)  provides accommodation on a bed or dormitory-style basis (rather than by room).

Bed & Breakfast           

means an existing dwelling in which temporary or short-term accommodation is provided on a commercial basis by the permanent residents of the dwelling and where:

  •   (a)  meals are provided for guests only, and
  •   (b)  cooking facilities for the preparation of meals are not provided within guests' rooms, and
  •   (c)  dormitory-style accommodation is not provided.

Relevant information they may apply to your development

Controls for residential development (and other developments in the residential zones) are contained within Chapter 10 of the Albury DCP 2010; however other Chapters may also be relevant to your development, or to your site. The following Chapters may also need to be addressed in any application for the above developments.

  • Chapter 4 - Development Contributions
  • Chapter 5 - Tree Preservation
  • Chapter 6 - Planning for Hazards (Flooding, Bushfire & Contaminated Land)
  • Chapter 7 - Heritage Conservation (for Heritage Items or development in Heritage Conservation Areas)
  • Chapter 17 - Off Street Car Parking