Construction Certificates

In this section you’ll find information about what construction certificate is, how to apply for one and other associated requirements.

Construction Certificates for Commercial/Industrial Work

All new commercial and industrial developments must provide access and toilet facilities for people with disabilities, these must comply with Part D3 of the Building Code of Australia.

In providing suitable car parking for any commercial or industrial development again, provision is to be made for the disabled.

All applications involving commercial or industrial work must include a list of proposed fire safety measures, as well as a separate list of any existing fire safety measures. Both lists must describe the extent, capability and basis of design for each of the measures.

Modification of a Construction Certificate

A proposal may be modified after a Construction Certificate has been issued. Depending on the extent of the changes this may require modification of the original Consent triggering the need for re-assessment and possibly re-notification. It is recommended that you discuss any changes with a

Council Building / Planning Officer as soon as you realise a need for changes to the approved plans.

IMPORTANT: You must not proceed with unauthorised changes until they have been properly assessed and approved as there may be legal consequences!

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