Commercial and Industrial Development

Find information and guidelines for commercial and industrial development.

  • glass and structured building

    Exempt Development

    There are a number of developments that do not require formal council approval as the nature of the work is considered minor. This can range from signage to temporary structures and building alterations.

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    Complying Development

    Although your development may only be minor in nature, it may still require council approval. Find out if you require certification before commencing work.

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  • Builder creating roof frame

    Construction Certificates

    If you've been issued a development consent by Council, you must have a construction certificate before you can commence any building works.

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    Serviced Apartments/ Boarding Houses & Bed and Breakfast

    Find out information that applies to these types of development.

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    Home Business/Home Industries

    Find out information about running a business from home.

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  • Plumbing & Drainage

    Find forms and information needed to undertake plumbing and drainage work.

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  • two firefighters putting out a blazing fire

    Fire Safety

    As a commercial property owner or operator you have an obligation to ensure your premises meet. fire safety requirements.

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  • image of cooling tower

    Cooling Towers

    If you own or operate from a building with cooling towers it must be registered with Council.

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  • Related Forms/Guidelines for Commercial & Industrial Development

    Here you will find forms and guidelines associated with commercial and industrial development

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