What is a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)?

A Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is appointed prior to commencement of any building works. PCA’s issue Complying Development Certificates or Construction Certificates and perform inspections through the construction at critical stages.  The PCA’s role is to ensure the development is completed in accordance with the conditions of the Development Consent or Complying Development Certificate, approved plans & documents and the Building Code of Australia and any associated restrictions listed on the title.

It is the owner’s responsibility to appoint the PCA.  Once appointed the PCA remains the same throughout the construction process.
Council or an accredited Private Certifier can act as your Principal Certifying Authority.  The PCA is then responsible for monitoring and inspecting the building work at critical stages of construction.  The PCA also issues an Occupation Certificate on completion of works.

To appoint AlburyCity as the PCA, simply tick yes box in section 16 of the Development Application/Construction Certificate Application form.

AlburyCity’s PCA Service

Albury City employs a team of Building Surveyors who provide regulatory advice and a design consultancy service to ensure building work compliance with the Building Code of Australia.
AlburyCity’s objective is to provide a service to the Albury Community & Building Industry with a primary focus on facilitating and expediting the application process and ensuring that building proposals satisfy both building and planning regulatory provisions.  Our fees and charges for this service are very competitive when compared to Private Certifier charges.

Our Services:

  • Principal Certifying Authority – Assessment & Inspection Services Pre-lodgement meetings providing advice on design and compliance with consent conditions and BCA requirements.
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Ratings Fire Separation Inspections
  • Existing building condition audits & fire safety requirements  

Quotations for the provision of services can be sought by contacting the Albury City Planning & Environment Administration Team on (02) 6023 8149.