Yes, and it’s a great idea. The microchipping procedure is no more painful than a vaccination and is carried out the same way.

As part of the Companion Animals Act 1998, all cat and dog owners need to microchip their pets  before the animal is sold, rehoused or prior to 12 weeks of age (whichever comes first).

Once your pet is microchipped, it’s identified for life.

Identification details are entered into the NSW Companion Animal Register and, as the animal’s owner and carer, you’re issued with a certificate. That’s why it’s essential that you notify Council of any changes to the information that’s held on the NSW Companion Animals Register – whether the changes are about yourself or your cat/dog.

To learn more about microchipping in NSW, and how to change your details on microchipping registers, please visit our Registering and Microchipping page. To review your legal responsibilities as an owner of a cat or dog, see the Companion Animals Regulation 2008.

Last updated: 25 Nov 2015 10:52am