Many Roads

When: 9am - 5pm Monday 31 July - Sunday 26 November 2017

Where: Foyer, Council Administration Building, 553 Kiewa Street, Albury

Price: FREE

As part of Local Government Week, this exhibition explores the various pathways taken by AlburyCity staff that has led to their successful careers.

Did you know that working for council can lead you towards goals you have never imagined? A job within local government can mean everything from finance, construction and engineering to children’s services, tourism and marketing! An organisation such as AlburyCity also creates career opportunities that help improve and develop our community.

In this display eleven AlburyCity employees share their career path and the insight they have gained along the way.  Each story is different and unique, but a key theme amongst the staff featured is their willingness to take up new opportunities, learn new skills, and inject passion into everything they do.