Abikhair's Emporium

When: Wednesday 20 December - Saturday 17 March 2018

Where: Lavington Library, Northpoint Tower, Griffith Road, Lavington

Price: FREE

This exhibition showcases items from AlburyCity’s wonderful collection from the former Abikhair’s department store, which operated in Albury from 1928 to 1995. Original merchandise and advertising material from previous decades connect the everyday to our consumer heritage. Stylised 1950s representations of women promote toiletries, undergarments and vacuum cleaners, demonstrating the rise of consumer society and the development of department store shopping.

Heritage Talk

Thursday 15 March, 10.30am - 11.15am
Join us at Lavington Library for an illustrated talk on the near 70-year history of Abikhair's and share your own memories over morning tea.