Want to know more about the NBN?

15 November 2016

If you’re wondering how the roll out of the NBN will affect you and your business, the NBN team will have all the answers at its Expo at Albury Entertainment Centre on Monday 21 November 2016.

NBN representatives as well as telephone and internet service providers will provide residents and business operators with the opportunity to find out all they need to know about the NBN.

With parts of Albury already connected to the network, the Expo will celebrate the arrival of the NBN on the border, as well as provide practical advice to consumers about how they can make the switch via their service provider.

Visitors will be able to check whether the NBN is available at their address, as well as detailed information about recommended speeds for their household or business.

Construction of the NBN aims to provide new and upgraded fast wholesale broadband to over eight million Australian homes and businesses by 2020. Fast broadband can provide a range of benefits for the community including opportunities to work from home, access to online education tools and options for on-demand entertainment.

Albury residents are invited to the Residential Community Expo on Monday 21 November between 2.00pm and 4.30pm, with the Business Expo to follow between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.