Vision Australia launch Feelix Book in Albury

08 December 2015

Vision Australia has launched Wiggly Worms at the LibraryMuseum. The Feelix Book will give young children who are blind, or who have low vision, a story that is also a sensory experience.

The book is a joint initiative of Vision Australia, AlburyCity, Halve Waste and Kids Own Publishing.

Children from Banjora Children's Centre in Springdale Heights worked with Kids Own Publishing in 2014 to create the original Wiggly Worms story and beautiful artwork.  Halve Waste contributed $5,500 towards publishing the story about very wiggly worms who live in the garden and turn food scraps into compost.

Children can now read the Wiggly Worms book in braille. They can also listen to the story with an audio recording and explore a specially created tactile aid – a small toy or object that helps to bring the story to life through touch.

Membership of the Feelix Library is open to children up to 7 years of age who are blind or have low vision across Australia. Parents, carers and teachers can also join.

Find out more information here