School uses Halve Waste compost

05 November 2015

A truckload of compost that is the end result of kitchen scraps and garden material that residents have put into their green-lidded organics bins as part of the Halve Waste program has been delivered to Lavington East Primary School.

The school and Thurgoona Community Garden each received about 15 cubic metres of Halve Waste compost, which has come from households in Albury.

Residents put food scraps into their kitchen caddies and then empty those into green-lidded bins, which also take garden clippings. When those bins are collected, the contents are taken to the Albury Waste Management Centre.

The contents are put on a conveyer belt and decontaminated by hand. The material is then shredded, loaded onto a semi-trailer and transported to a Wagga facility for processing.

The Chair of the Engineering and Works Committee, Cr Graham Docksey, said the process of composting takes approximately 16 weeks.

"It will be great to see this rich, useful compost return to enrich the soil for the young gardeners at Lavington East primary and the community gardeners at Thurgoona," Cr Docksey said.

Grade 5 student Tallon Smith said: "It was exciting to see the dump truck drop off the compost and it's good that Council is giving back to the community like this."