Helping learner drivers become safer drivers

24 June 2014

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in conjunction with AlburyCity will host a free workshop for parents and supervisors of learner drivers at the Council Offices on Kiewa Street on Tuesday 24 June.

The two hour course, Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers, will offer parents and supervisors hands-on advice on how to provide the most effective driving practice for learner drivers.

"New rules for learner drivers now mean that they can travel a maximum of 90km/h while completing 120 hours of supervised driving, including a mandatory 20 hours of night-time driving," AlburyCity Road Safety Officer Lauren Musil said. "The introduction of the safer driving course provides learner drivers with strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances so they are more prepared when they drive unsupervised on their P-Plates.
"A more rigorous driving test has also been introduced, focusing on hazard perception and driver reactions."

"These changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme are all about reducing the crash rate for young drivers."

"Parents and supervisors of novice drivers have a crucial role to play in making our roads safer, and that is why the RMS has developed a course to better support them."

The course will cover topics such as:

  • new laws for learner and P-plate drivers.
  • how to use the new Learner Driver Log Book
  • how to plan on-road driving sessions

"Parents and supervisors who have attended this course found it boosted their confidence, helped them better plan driving sessions and allowed them to share experiences with other parents and supervisors," Ms Musil added.

Bookings for the Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers course are essential and can be made by calling Lauren Musil at AlburyCity on (02) 6023 8111.