Court Hire Fee system closer to resolution

04 June 2014

The Lauren Jackson Sports Centre Court Hire fees are closer to being resolved after a meeting between AlburyCity, Albury Basketball Association and local clubs this month.

All parties agreed to work together to develop an implementation strategy for the future roll out of the full season court hire system.

At the April meeting of Council it was endorsed that court hire fees would be implemented for junior basketball from July.

A report will be presented to the 16 June Community and Cultural Committee Meeting outlining possible next steps for implementation. The Committee’s recommendation will be presented to the full Council meeting on 23 June.

AlburyCity Mayor Cr Kevin Mack said he was delighted to see the delegates at the meeting fully participate in the discussion.

“The Councillors appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from the representatives of the association about the challenges and opportunities that were involved in implementing a new court hire fee,” he said. “While the association will have further meetings to investigate implementation methods, we’re looking forward to a report later this month that will outline the way forward that will be of most benefit to all parties.”

Albury Basketball Association Board Chairman, Paul Gooding agreed: “It had been an opportunity to hear all the views about how the court hire fee could be implemented. As an association we will continue to work with our member clubs to come up with solutions for implementation which will provide the most benefit for the players, parents, clubs and association.”