Council to purchase North Albury Sports Club land

13 October 2014

AlburyCity will enter negotiations with the North Albury Sports Club (NASC) to purchase two parcels of land at Bunton Park, subject to the price being no more than market value.

Council has also agreed to formalise a new lease of Bunton Park to the NASC, enabling the licensing of areas of the premises (including sportsfields) to current and additional users.

General Manager Frank Zaknich was authorised to begin negotiations with the NASC at tonight's Extraordinary Council Meeting.

The parcels of land are owned by NASC and currently used for carparking, which Albury Mayor Kevin Mack said would be retained.

"This land is integral to the Bunton Park sports precinct and provides part of the only formal on-site parking. It's an important community asset and we'd like to see it stay in the community's hands."

"It's in our interest to purchase the land so it can be consolidated with the property titles that make up Bunton Park and retained as a carpark that will service the needs of all users of the precinct."

"It's a decision that makes financial sense, for Council and for the North Albury Sports Club. It will allow them to better manage their financial position moving forward, and ensure that Council recovers outstanding debts," Mayor Mack added. "We are as keen as anybody to see the club remain in operation and we want to play our part in supporting user groups and members."