Council supports interim organics service

31 October 2014

AlburyCity will support an interim arrangement with Transpacific Cleanaway that will see the introduction of an organics waste service in Albury.

The interim service can be delivered at 16 weeks notice and would immediately reduce the amount of waste going to Albury's Waste Management Centre by 18,000 tonnes.

"A dedicated organics service would reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 20% almost overnight," AlburyCity Mayor Cr Kevin Mack said. "Organic waste comprises a significant amount of landfilled material and produces some of the most harmful greenhouse emissions."

"We're committed to getting the service up and running so we can begin meeting our waste and recycling targets. The operational arrangements about where the organic material will be transported is an matter to be finalised by Transpacific Cleanaway. Our priority is to have a service in place that will allow us to introduce the recycling of organic material."

Under the interim arrangement Albury's green-lidded bin service will be expanded to include all organic waste. The bin can accept any organic material such as food scraps, fish, meat and bones, tea-bags, coffee grounds and cooked foods. Garden waste such as prunings, grass clippings, sticks, weeds and flowers can also be included in the new organics bin.

The interim service will involve the collection and transportation of food and garden waste to alternative facilities within or near the region until a compositing facility elsewhere in the region is built. Transpacific Cleanaway is currently reviewing its options in regards to constructing a new facility after the Land and Environment Court's recent rejection of a proposed facility in Gerogery.

The interim service will be delivered at the contracted price with a timeframe scheduled to start in 2015.