Committee recommends approval for Buckingham Street

13 October 2014

Council's Planning and Development Committee has tonight recommended planning consent for a Development Application for a shop in North Albury. The decision recommends approval for the new owners of a shop at 439A Buckingham Street to sell firearms.

The Committee's recommendation will be presented to the Ordinary Council Meeting for endorsement on 27 October.

Committee Chair Cr Daryl Betteridge said the recommendation for approval was under the 'Existing Use' provisions already in place for the premises, after local police assessed the potential firearms shop as a low crime risk.

"The building has been operating as a commercial business since 2004, and under the existing use provisions can continue to operate as a shop, albeit with the merchandise being very different," Cr Betteridge said.

"We're aware of the concerns of residents but ultimately we have to defer to the advice of Albury Police in matters of safety and anti-social behaviour. They have raised no issues with this development and on those grounds we are recommending development consent."

"We also have to bear in mind that the lawful sale of firearms is not illegal in New South Wales. As long as the shop operates within the provisions of the Environment Planning and Assessment Act, there are no legal grounds to refuse consent."

"Before they can operate their store the applicants will be required to do everything necessary under the Firearms Registry of the NSW Police Force to ensure compliance and safety. The Committee is satisfied that this will be achieved."