Bigger is better when it comes to recycling

10 April 2014

Do you need a larger recycling bin? That’s the question AlburyCity and Wodonga Council are asking residents after a noticeable increase in the amount of recyclable material being found in the general waste stream.

AlburyCity has recently completed bin audits which have identified that, in some cases, residents are placing excess recycling material into their general rubbish bin. Up to 16% of recyclable material is still finding its way into the red-lid bin.

AlburyCity Mayor Cr Kevin Mack said the solution might be a simple one - a bigger recycling bin.

Households are typically allocated a standard 240 litre bin, but Albury and Wodonga residents can upgrade to a 360 litre bin for only $20 extra per year.

“We’re finding that residents who run out of space in their recycling bin are putting rubbish in the general waste bin,” Mayor Mack said.

“We’re trying to keep recyclable material out of landfill and this is a problem that could be easily fixed with a larger bin.”

“Little changes we can make around the home can have a major impact on whether waste can be recycled or has to be landfilled.”

“The Albury landfill receives around 200,000 tonnes of waste each year. Our goal is to recycle 100,000 tonnes or 50% of the waste still going to landfill, including both household and business waste in 2014."

Wodonga mayor Cr Rodney Wangman said a larger bin could come in handy for residents at key times of year.

“We find that more and more items are now recyclable or come in recyclable packaging,” Cr Wangman said.

“A larger bin will certainly help at special occasions throughout the year when our bins can fill up with wrapping paper and cardboard packaging.”

“It is hoped that by providing the option of a larger bin, we can encourage residents to recycle more and decrease our landfill waste.”

Albury residents wanting to upgrade to a larger recycling bin can call the council on 6023 8111. Wodonga residents should call the council offices on (02) 6023 9300.

Other interested residents can contact their respective councils to organise a 360 litre bin. Costs of a new bin will vary among councils.