Getting tough on illegal dumpers

09 October 2014

AlburyCity and Greater Hume Councils will launch a new campaign to fight illegal dumping in the community.

The campaign, supported by $124,432 in grant funding from the NSW Environment Protection Authority will target 10 well known 'hot spots' for illegal dumping with increased surveillance, enforcement and education. This will include the installation of CCTV at nominated sites.

The 'hot spots', which include Mungabareena Reserve in Albury, have been subject to business and residential dumping over many years. In the coming months AlburyCity will step up awareness on the issue in an attempt to reverse the ongoing trend.

Council will also work through the Halve Waste campaign to distribute information to residents and local students with the aim of changing people's attitudes to illegal dumping. Workshops will be offered to businesses outlining correct disposal techniques.

AlburyCity's Team Leader of Waste Management Andrea Baldwin said that in 2013-14 Council recovered 116.54 tonnes in illegally dumped rubbish, which cost $55,000 to collect and dispose.

"The cost of illegal dumping to Council and ratepayers is significant. Over the past two financial years Council has recovered more than 200 tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish at a total cost of $116,000. Those responsible need to realise that they can't just dump their rubbish and expect the problem to just 'go away."

"Dumping is not only unsightly and expensive but can cause environmental degradation and impact on people's health, which is why we are getting tough and joining the state-wide fight against the dumpers."

In 2013-14 Council issued 27 infringements for breaches of the environmental regulations. The financial penalties of the infringements under applicable environmental legislation can range from $80 for littering to $8000 for more serious offences.

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack sent a stern warning to people who illegally dump rubbish.

"In a stern warning to illegal dumpers we intend to make it as difficult as possible for anyone, whether it's a business or a resident, to dump rubbish in our community. Council would also like to remind residents to remain vigilant."

"If anyone is aware of an incident or sees anything suspicious we need them to call our Customer Service team to report it immediately. We need the dumpers to know that we, as a community, will not accept or tolerate such behaviour."

From 29 August 2014 the NSW Government introduced harsher penalties for illegal dumping:

  • Depositing waste not at a Lawful Facility has been increased to $2000 for individuals and $4000 for a corporation.
  • Most other waste dumping offences have increased from $750 and $1500 up to $4000 for individuals and $8000 for a corporation.
  • Waterway pollution fines have increased from $750 to $4000 for individuals and $8000 for a corporation.