Albury Waste Management Centre receives environmental boost

28 May 2014

A new facility installed at the Albury Waste Management Centre will transform harmful landfill gases into electricity, reducing greenhouses emissions by 46,800 tonnes per year and generating enough electricity for 1,200 homes.

LMS Energy has teamed with AlburyCity to install the groundbreaking technology at Council’s Lavington facility.

“We’re continually looking at ways we can improve our waste management while reducing our impact on the environment,” Mayor Mack said. “This new technology will help us achieve significant reductions in our emissions while pumping electricity back into the grid. It’s a great initiative and a model I hope will become standard practice in facilities Australia-wide.”

The 1.123 megawatt energy generation module was installed to allow for the extraction and combustion of landfill gas.

Landfill gas consists of approximately 50% methane, a harmful greenhouse gas which is combusted to reduce carbon emissions.

Instead of being emitted into the atmosphere, the landfill gas is used as fuel to power an internal combustion engine and generate base-load electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This facility is estimated to generate 9,000 megawatt hours of energy on average each year, powering approximately 1,200 homes per year.

The combustion of landfill gas from the Albury Waste Management Centre is also estimated to abate over 46,800 tonnes (CO2e) of carbon each year.

LMS was the first company to create and trade carbon credits from landfill gas in Australia. To date, the Albury Landfill Gas Project has been issued with 24,328 Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) from flaring activities alone.

LMS Chief Executive Officer John Falzon said energy from organic waste reduces reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation, in turn combating the challenges of climate change.

“This facility is an effective and proven solution to environmental and energy management, providing long-term sustainable benefits,” said Mr. Falzon.

LMS is Australia’s most experienced landfill gas-to-energy company with over 30 years industry experience.