Notorious weed spotted in region

01 August 2013

A notorious daisy-looking weed that can overrun grazing pastures has been spotted in the region.


AlburyCity is urging residents to look out for Fireweed, a highly invasive and opportunistic weed native to south eastern Africa. It has recently been spotted on the Hume Highway in Wagga and council is asking residents to keep a close eye to make sure it doesn’t establish itself Albury.


The weed features bright yellow flowers that gives it the appearance of a harmless daisy. In reality, Fireweed can harm stock and seeds if allowed to propagate.


AlburyCity’s Vegetation Management Officer Steve Onley advised residents to report any suspicious looking plants to Council’s Noxious Weed Officer.


“We’re advising residents to keep a look out for any plants that almost appear like daisies. If you notice fireweed in your backyard remove it immediately because it can be difficult to eradicate once it flowers.”


“We suspect the weed has come from contaminated mulch. There’s no evidence to suggest it has spread to Albury yet, but we need to be vigilant. If you have any questions please contact Council and we will be happy to assist.”


Fireweed is listed as a Weed of National Significance. It forms a persistent seedbank if not controlled before it flowers and can rapidly take over heavily grazed and neglected pastures, competing strongly with existing pasture plants. It seeds prolifically and grows to maturity quickly. Its density is influenced by groundcover and competition, especially in autumn.


Fireweed infestations may:

  • reduce the total grazing capacity of a property;
  • decrease pasture production;
  • decrease livestock growth rates; and
  • incur high control costs.

Residents who suspect they have found Fireweed should contact AlburyCity on 6023 8111.