No immediate plans to close Lavington Swim Centre

23 October 2013

AlburyCity has confirmed that there are no short term plans to close the Lavington Swim Centre.

AlburyCity Director of Community and Recreation James Jenkins said that the Draft Jelbart Park Master Plan outlined a number of options for the precinct over the course of 30 years. The construction of a synthetic soccer pitch is only one option, but the future of the pool forms part of a separate review which is not yet underway.

“We’ll be conducting a separate Aquatics Facilities Review but it’s far too soon to speculate on what the outcomes of that might be,” Mr Jenkins said.

“Our first step is to exhibit the Draft Jelbart Park Master Plan. Community feedback is welcome and will help Council inform future decisions on the park,” Mr Jenkins said. “As for the Lavington Swim Centre there are no plans to change anything at the moment. The Aquatics Review will get underway at some point but it may take some years to complete.”

“We want to make sure Jelbart Park meets the needs of the community in the long term and the draft Master Plan will make sure we’re able to do that.”

Enhancing Jelbart Park as a major sporting hub is the aim of the Master Plan, which is being developed by AlburyCity.

The Draft Jelbart Park Master Plan is now on public exhibition and proposes a number of long-term upgrades that will allow the park to become a home base for five different sporting clubs or associations.

The Master Plan would increase the playing field surface and upgrade the pavilion to accommodate the different sports and eventually attract more sporting carnivals and events to the area.

“We see a lot of potential for Jelbart Park to further enhance its reputation as a  great sporting hub for Albury,” Mr Jenkins added. “We’re proposing to increase the playing field surface and upgrade lighting to allow more clubs and sports to participate there.”

“Eventually we’d like to accommodate large sporting carnivals while giving local teams the space they need to meet growing participation numbers.”

“As part of the upgrade it is proposed that a new sporting pavilion be constructed which offers first-class facilities for home clubs and visiting teams while giving AlburyCity the ability to host major events and sporting functions.”

  • Key upgrades being proposed by the Master Plan include:
  • An upgraded, modern sporting pavilion
  • Car park realignment
  • Additional playing surfaces
  • Feasibility into the use of synthetic surface playing areas
  • Extra walking paths
  • Additional shade tree planting

The Draft Jelbart Park Master Plan is now on public exhibition. Residents and sporting clubs can make a submission. Hard copies are also available at Council’s Kiewa Street offices and at the Lavington Library and LibraryMuseum. Public exhibition will close on Wednesday 30 October.

View the Draft Jelbart Park Master Plan here