Grave and Memorial Site Clean-up

19 June 2013

Residents with decorations, personal mementoes or plastic flowers at grave and memorial sites in Albury are encouraged to remove them before the bi-annual clean-up.

Beginning on Monday 1 July, AlburyCity will carry out its bi-annual maintenance and clean up at Glenmorus Memorial Gardens, Pioneer and Waugh Road Cemeteries.

AlburyCity Team Leader, Cemeteries and Crematoria, Paul Charlton, said the two-week clean-up was conducted twice a year to ensure the memorial gardens and cemeteries retain a pleasant ambience for visitors.

"It allows us to check vases and headstones for deterioration or breakages and address any safety issues that may pose risks to visitors. We also spray turf for weeds and neaten edges around plaques," said Paul.

Paul said Council understood that mementoes might have special significance for family members and had a system to ensure people could sign-up for mailed notifications of the biannual clean-ups.

People wishing to keep decorations are asked to remove them before 7.30am on Monday 1 July. All items that remain after that time will be disposed of.  People can return their personal items, decorations and flowers once again to memorial sites and graves after Friday 12 July.

Residents wishing to receive mail notification of the clean-ups or further information can call the Cemeteries and Crematorium administration office on 02 6043 5655.