Exhibition sheds light on serious issue

06 August 2013

In support of National Homeless Persons Week (5 - 11 August) Council has launched a new art exhibition telling the stories of local people who have experienced homelessness.

"Over the past few weeks people from around Albury who have had personal experience with homelessness have been working with professional artists to depict their stories," said AlburyCity Team Leader of Community Development Maralee Vogel.

"They have participated in workshops covering sculpting and painting and have created a series of fantastic pieces that share their very personal insight into homelessness."

"It’s great to see their creations and hard work on display here at the LibraryMuseum. By being so willing to share their stories they are helping us confront homelessness and the broader issues that cause it."

Research suggests that on any given night in Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless. Currently, there are 100,000 homeless people living in Australia.

The exhibition will open at the LibraryMuseum on Tuesday 6 August.

For more information about Homeless Person's Week visit homelessnessaustralia.org.au.