Don't forget - register your pet

16 November 2014

If your beloved pet wanders too far from home, making sure they're registered and microchipped can ensure their safe return.

For millions of Australians, dogs and cats are part of the family. In NSW around 80,000 dogs and cats are lost, hurt or stolen each year.  Most are impounded and are not able to be identified.

Under the Companion Animals Act, cats and dogs throughout NSW must be identified with a microchip by the time the animal is 12 weeks old.  Once the animal is microchipped, these identification details are entered into the NSW Companion Animal Register.  A certificate is issued to the owner with the identification details.

The permanent identification (microchipping) and lifetime registration scheme greatly assists authorities in return lost and injured animals to their owners. Once microchipped and registered, your pet is protected for life. Read more...