Community Satisfaction Survey results

25 September 2013

Albury residents have given Council the tick of approval with 83% saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with AlburyCity.

Throughout August, 405 residents were randomly selected to participate in a Community Satisfaction phone survey conducted by Micromex Research. A further 121 residents also participated in an identical online survey made available on Council’s website.

When compared with the results of the same survey conducted in 2011, the results show an overall improvement in community satisfaction with Council services, facilities, activities and the performance of Council. In 2011 63% of residents indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with Council.

This year, 83% of residents indicated that they are either ‘somewhat satisfied’ to ‘very satisfied’ with Council’s performance. In particular, residents are pleased with the availability of carparking in the city, the range and number of events on offer and Council’s online communication in comparison with the 2011 survey.

Only 3% of respondents to the phone survey were ‘not at all satisfied’ with Council’s performance. Similarly only 4% of respondents to the online survey were ‘not at all satisfied’ with Council’s performance.

The 2013 survey found that Council facilities and services including the Botanic Gardens, sewer services, water quality, LibraryMuseum and the Community Wood Fired Oven were the highest rated among those surveyed.

AlburyCity’s scores are equal to those with metropolitan councils and are significantly higher than the averages recorded for regional Councils. AlburyCity is also higher than the state average when benchmarked against all NSW councils.

AlburyCity’s newly elected Mayor Cr Kevin Mack welcomed the results.

“These are fantastic results and an indication that residents are very satisfied with Council’s performances, facilities and services. AlburyCity sets itself high standards and it’s very pleasing to see that we are delivering in many key areas,” Cr Mack said.

“This report shouldn’t be considered the ‘full stop’ on community satisfaction. There is more we can do to keep improving our services, facilities and communications with residents.”

“The results show that Council is certainly moving in the right direction, but there’s more we can do. We’re committed to meeting the needs of this community and this report gives us the insight we need to continue improving into the future.”

Recommended areas for improvement will be continuing ongoing support for local business, heightening awareness around community safety activities and continuing to engage the community regarding the most important and relevant information about Council decisions and long term planning.

Download the full results of the 2013 Community Satisfaction Survey here