It's Council calling, time to have your say

05 July 2013

From Monday 8 July, AlburyCity will be gauging the community’s opinion on a range of issues relating to Council services, facilities and activities. 

A fifteen minute telephone survey is being conducted by Micromex Research to local homes. The telephone numbers called will be determined through a random process and no names will be associated with the survey responses.

The need for the survey was identified by the community as an action from the Albury 2030 Community Strategic Plan.  Information gained from the community will be compiled into a report and will help Council determine its strengths and identify any gaps in service. 

“Whether it’s events or footpaths, gardens or tourism, roads or recycling; please take the time to let us know what you think,” AlburyCity Corporate Planner Kate de Hennin said. “The feedback of our residents is vital in making sure we continue meeting their expectations in the long term.”

“If you receive a call please take the time to provide your feedback, it will be incredibly useful in helping us plan Council services and activities for the future.” 

It is anticipated that the telephone survey period will take approximately two weeks, after which, an on-line survey will be made available for those people who may not have received a phone call but still wish to have a say.