Agreement paves way for restoration

28 October 2013

AlburyCity and the Uiver Memorial Museum Group (UMMG) have signed a formal Heads of Agreement after reaching terms that will secure the restoration and display of the DC-2 Uiver Memorial Aircraft.

It’s the first major milestone between the two parties since Council agreed to enter discussions with the UMMG in March. The Heads of Agreement outlines the future transfer of the aircraft to the UMMG, the process for its restoration and the establishment of a community trust which will oversee the eventual display of the aircraft.

The agreement also outlines the terms of a lease of land that will eventually be used to construct a hangar for the Uiver display. The UMMG has expressed its desire to develop a site at the Albury Airport, adjacent to Bristol Court.

AlburyCity Mayor Cr Kevin Mack said the signing of the Heads of Agreement is an historic moment in the story of the Uiver.

“Negotiations with the UMMG have been very productive and we’ve reached terms that are suitable for both parties,” he said. “It’s great news for the community that we’ve been able to reach agreement. It paves the way for the restoration and eventual display of the Uiver memorial aircraft in Albury.”

“I congratulate the representatives of the Uiver Memorial Museum Group for their commitment to this aircraft and its preservation in Albury. The agreement between our two parties is the next chapter in the story of the Uiver.”